About REPS
Due to these legal and factual requirements, many organizations are in
need of comprehensive solutions that protect their data from intruders
and disasters.  Simultaneously, many of these organizations are
lacking the appropriate resources and expertise that are required to
meet the challenges ahead.  REPS was created to meet this
immediate demand and provide products and services at affordable

REPS solutions address the need for expertise in IT infrastructure
development & upgrade in general; and biometrics, business
continuity, & disaster recovery in particular.  Through its industry-
specific products and services, REPS provides assistance to
organizations in order to upgrade their current systems or develop new


  • We are technology-independent and vendor-neutral

  • We are committed to meeting our client’s objectives

  • We maintain a private and interactive database of market
    information on companies and their respective technologies

  • We are a think-tank that understands the need for
    interoperability between new and current systems

  • We employ professionals that are well-trained in bridging the
    human-machine gap and provide solutions based on the latest
About REPS

Recruitment and Engineering Products and Services,
Inc. (REPS) is a high-tech company created to meet a
market demand for information security and data

Identity theft prevention measures, national security
fortification efforts, the Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm- Leach-Bliley Act
(GLBA), and the Patriot Act are among the many factors
contributing to the dramatic growth in the demands for
information protection.
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