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family-oriented disaster preparedness and recovery.  Every year,
people suffer, for no fault of their own, from the horrible consequences
of man-made and natural disasters.  REPS' intention in creating this
section is to provide family members and associated organizations
with informative and useful resources relevant to reducing the
devastating effects of an unexpected crisis.

Like anything else in life, the funds provider sets the rules.  Receiving
financial aid after a disaster, from FEMA or any other organization, will
require an applicant to meet specific criteria.  For this reason, REPS’
focus initially is to connect you to websites that provide you with FEMA
official information and insurance related recommendations.

DPR links are divided into the following main sections.  Each of these
sections contains statistical information related to the respective
for you to determine the importance of preparing yourself based
on historical data and geographical location
as well as links to website
that provide you additional and more current information.
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