CriPos Details
CriPos Medical, the second of the Critical
organizations’ employees and/or members in
maintaining their medical data in a
SAFE and
SECURE REMOTE location while having the
ability to access it virtually, from anywhere
around the world at anytime.
A Disaster Preparedness Solution
In its effort to help organizations reduce their insurance overhead and
protect their medical information, REPS designed CriPos Medical to hold
key information that would be needed during an emergency or just a
insurance companies’ influence.  CriPos Medical can also be used to
negotiate a better rate for their employees’ insurance premium while still
complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
(HIPAA) rules and regulations to maintain their employees privacy rights.
database designed, built, and
configured to contain medical data of
an emergency, as a result of natural
or manmade disasters, or simply to
improve medical conditions.
CriPos Medical contains multiple forms that allow individuals to better
organize their medical data and generate reports that help reduce medical
trusted confidant to access his/her medical record in case the individual is
incapacitated, which can save lives in most cases.

CriPos Medical is provided as a service that an organization can subscribe
its employees and/or members to and provide them with a useful tool to
maintain a healthier lifestyle.
CriPos Medical provides an individual with a complete control of the most

  • Capability to save organizations up to 20% on their insurance
    overhead and thousands of dollars lost in time away from work due
    to illnesses by promoting preventive medicine

  • Allows organization’s employees, members, and/or their respective
    families to protect their medical records

  • An Easy to use” and “must have” service that is designed and built
    for the individual’s peace of mind at the time of need
allows the organization to encrypt the identity of CriPos Medical users

  • The organization will provide REPS with the encrypted system users’
    account information along with a personal email addresses

  • REPS will generate the users’ account and sends each user their
    respective username and password.

  • At this point the users will be able to access their account and use
    the system immediately.

Please note that CriPos Medical databases do not contain any of an
individual’s personal information. Consequently, neither REPS will have
access to any personal information of the organization’s users nor the
subscribing organization will have access to any of its employees and/or
members accounts.  This is a two key security system fully compliant with
The purpose of this process is to isolate users’ personal identifying
information from the rest of the data that will be stored in CriPos’ databases.
  • Ability to update and/or access crucial records securely
    from the comfort of an individual’s home or any location
    around the world

  • Eliminates the need for off-site safes in order to maintain
    copies of all critical data

  • Its reporting system helps individuals provide their
    respective health providers with the necessary
    information in an organized manner
Personal Protected Information (PHI)

  • In case of unconsciousness, it allows a person’s closest confidant
    and/or a chosen health provider to access his/her medical record for
    treatment expedition

  • For separated parents, it is the perfect tool that allows them to
    maintain the children’s medical records accurately, up-to-date, and
    most importantly accessible by either parent no matter how tenuous
    the situation might be.
A Healthy Person is A Happy One!
Enjoy Life!
based on the
information you
CriPos helps you
get organized, your
insurance premium
and assists recovery

A better
medical record
leads to a
more accurate
Take Charge of
your own Health
Who's got access
to your medical
records when
you arrive
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