CriPos Details
CriPos Personal, the first of the Critical
Possession solutions, was created to assist
individuals and families in maintaining their
most crucial information in a
REMOTE location
while having the ability to
access it virtually, from anywhere around the
world at any time.

In its effort to help you better protect your identity
and simultaneously be able to access your most
A Disaster Preparedness Solution
critical possessions’ data, REPS designed CriPos Personal to hold
partial, but important, pieces of any of your key information that would be
needed in case of emergency, right after a disaster, or simply in an
organized and easy-to-use form.  Whether your possessions are lost in
a fire, stolen while you are traveling, or needed during a decisive
moment, CriPos becomes the lifesaver that will provide you with instant
access to this information.
CriPos Personal is a web-based database
designed, built, and configured to contain
crucial information to have in case of
emergencies such as natural and/or
man-made disasters.

CriPos contains multiple forms that help
you describe the contents of your home,
wallet, and medical records in an
unidentifiable manner recognized only by
you and accepted by most insurance
The following gives you a brief description of the type of forms you will find
within CriPos:

  • For ato ppliances: CriPos forms storeFor every appliance, tmajor
    ones. his information includes the appliance's name, model and
    serial number, location within your home, purchase details (date,
    location, and price of purchase), as well as an anticipated
    replacement value for insurance purposes.  CriPos is also equipped
    with a feature for calculating the depreciated value of any of your
    assets, making it consistent with your tax documentation.   

  • For jewelry, clothing, and other personal items: CriPos forms allow
    you to categorize all of the information related to these assets in a
    manner consistent with insurance requirements and that would be
    requested by law enforcement officials in case of theft.

  • For web, banks, and merchants’ accounts: CriPos forms are
    configured to contain the necessary information that you would need
    to have on-hand in case of an emergency.

  • For medical records: CriPos forms contain HIPAA compliant forms
    that will help you to organize your medical information better and have
    the capacity to personally update it without having to delay any
    treatment due to excuses given by your healthcare providers.

CriPos is provided to you as a service that you can subscribe to in order to
maintain and access your critical information.
CriPos provides you with complete control over the most crucial information
about your possessions.  Its features are numerous, among them:

  • CriPos is a tool that allows individuals, families, and organizations to
    protect one of the most valuable assets they possess, Personal
    Identity, Assets Information, and Medical Records

  • CriPos is described as aneasy to useand must have” service
    designed and built for an individual’s peace of mind in a time of need

  • CriPos provides you with the luxury to update and/or access your
    records from the comfort of your home or any location of your choice
provide us with the appropriate tools that allow us to help you in case of
emergency.  Your closest relatives, your co-workers, and emergency you
designate for us to request from them and be able to help you in your time of

Accessing CriPos works as follows:

  • When you sign up through our website, you will be providing us with
    personal information.  This information will be kept in a separate
    database that is inaccessible through the web

  • Upon receipt of your information, our staff will contact you via
    telephone and/or email in order to verify the authenticity of the
    information you submitted.

  • Once our security criteria have been met, we will create an account for
    you to access the main website of CriPos.  Please note that CriPos
    databases will not contain any of the personal information that you
    previously provided us.

The purpose of this process is to isolate your personal identifying information
from the rest of the data that you will be storing in CriPos' databases and
therefore protect your identity.  The only reference that exists between any of
the stored information and your identity, as long as the information you store
does not identify you, will be the account number that our staff will be
providing you after our initial contact with you.
  • CriPos eliminates
  • The need to rent a bank’s safe in order to maintain
    copies of all your critical data;
  • The worry about how often you need to burn CDs
    and update software in order to maintain an
    accurate list of your inventory;
  • The expenses related to physical trips or shipping
    costs in order to maintain this accurate list.

  • CriPos, through its reporting system, will help you
    expedite your insurance reimbursement process with the
    click of a button.

  • CriPos is equipped with a feature to calculate the
    depreciated value of any of your assets to be consistent
    with tax documentation.   
  • In the case of stolen property, CriPos’ reports will help law
  • For divorced or separated parents, CriPos is the perfect tool to
    accessible by both parents; regardless of how tenuous the situation
    might be.

In summary,
CriPos is the solution that you must have.  Check it out. It is
worth your while!
Prepare yourself! Plan for the unexpected!
Enjoy Life!
CriPos Saves You
Time, Money
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provide it

CriPos helps you
get organized,
receive the most for
your insurance you
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Invest in

Protect your
Net worth

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CriPos Expedites
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