CriPos Details
CriPos DRP is:
A Disaster Preparedness Solution
  • Provides an organization with a new business survivability solution that becomes part of its
    operational plan, accessible at all times via portable devices, LAN and WAN, as well as via the

  • The most comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly disaster recovery plan available to date.  
Benefits to an Organization:
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  • Can your company afford the loss of customers and consequently revenue due to extended
    service outage or as a result of a disaster?
  • For how long?

  • How much will it cost your company to regain the customers it loses due to inability to
    recover from temporary emergencies or as a result of disgruntled employee activities?

  • Is your company suffering from high priced consultants that give you lectures with respect to
    compliance requirements instead of working solutions?

  • Your company has created all necessary measures to recover critical data when faced with
    a disaster, how useful is this data if you do not have the personnel to operate it?

  • Is your company’s management protected against civil and criminal liabilities as a result of
    lack of legal compliance, compromised data, and deleted/damaged confidential data?

  • Do your employees know what to do in case of a disaster without having a disaster recovery
    plan in their hand?

  • Do you expect your employees to be 100% productive when they constantly worry about
    their family members and/or lost assets?

  • How will you communicate with your employees if normal communication means are not

  • Does your company have a recovery plan? Does it work as it is intended to?
CriPos DRP is the solution that puts you in control
of every important aspect of your operation.

It gives your organization’s management and its
key employees the ability to answer with
confidence each of the following questions and
Up until now, Most Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) have been categorized
as cumbersome and unrealistic to follow in a state of emergency.  

key employee within an organization access to the data they need with the
click of a button in order to:
  • deal with the emergency at hand


  • resume operations
  • A state-of-the-art technology developed based on FEMA’s recommendations for disaster
    preparedness and recovery.
  • A tool that uses a simple yet comprehensive methodology that customizes and automates
    business survivability solutions.
  • A combination of off-the-shelf software suites, hardware products, communication means,
    and consulting services that satisfy the following requirements:

  • Risks Analysis and Evaluation of their impact on Business Operation(s)
  • Crisis Planning and Training
  • Disaster Prevention and Business Continuity
  • Evacuation and Incident Response
  • Product Tampering Prevention and Response
disasters/service outage on an
recovery process

efforts among the organization’s
various internal departments along
with its suppliers and customers

  • Builds from an organization’
    s   current disaster recovery
    plan and improves upon it
  • Customizes information dissemination based on employee eligibility and responsibility

  • A perfect tool that provides employees with the relevant information needed at critical times,
    resulting in better handling of risks’ management and reduction of losses

  • An Investment for Assets Protection, Security Improvement, and Vulnerabilities Elimination
    leading to major savings and a better assets/inventory control
  • Is a virtual tool that allows organizations to protect their most valuable assets
    (Employees, Structure & Equipment, Critical Documents)

  • Is a “User Friendly” and “Must Have” tool that takes into consideration its operators’
    psychology and computer knowledge at the time of need

  • Provides all executive management with the necessary key information about their
    organization at their fingertips anywhere around the world

  • Is a full system that is implemented on its own hardware, using various communication
    means and operates compatibly with all platforms

  • Becomes part of an organization’s operational infrastructure

  • CriPos DRP is a complete solution, providing an organization with an extensive view of
    its operation.
CriPos DRP
  • CriPos technology operates based on a “multi-key” security-concept

  • Only executive management has full access to all of CriPos data

  • Data access is based on Account Name, Passwords, and job description

  • CriPos products can be enabled with biometrics security

  • Data input and modification within CriPos is constantly being audited in the background
    for accountability in order to protect the organization and its management from civil and
    criminal liabilities

  • CriPos Data structure is based on distributed system topology
The Question remains: